Focus on: Spring 2014 make up tips

We’re very happy to have KC native and uber talented Ash Caywood as guest editor, giving us her tips for spring 2014 make up looks.

Ash headshot
“My name is Ash Caywood and I am a studio makeup artist with the Luxed Agency and a hair stylist at The Glam Room Salon and Beauty Bar in the lovely downtown River Market, and I am so excited he asked me to share with all of you some of my favorite makeup tips for the upcoming season! 
“Spring is the season of renewal! All things fresh and youthful are abounding and the trends in makeup this year are right in step with mother nature. Glowing, lit-from-within skin, bold and bright lips and metallic lids, full eyebrows and luxe lashes are some of the key looks that I love this year. Not only do they look good on every woman, they are easy and efficient. In less than 10 minutes, you can walk out the door looking like you walked right off the runway.
“I don’t believe in rules when it comes to makeup, but I am here to give you some guidelines after all. The biggest thing to remember is to keep things youthful, work in sheer, light layers. Start with a primer that will help to give you that youthful glow, such as Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Primer or Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. Perfect and even out your complexion with a Tinted Moisturizer, BB or CC Cream. Some of my favorite skin perfecters are Too Faced Beauty Balm, Dior Diorskin Nude BB, MAC Studio Sculpt and Smashbox Liquid Halo Foundation. Next is the step I consider most crucial, the brows! I would leave my house without pants before I would leave without filling in my brows! Full, lush brows are make every woman look younger! Having naturally thick brows, I am so thrilled they are back in style. BUT even with full eyebrows, I still want them to be shaped and defined. I am currently OBSESSED with Anastasia’s new Dip Brow. Its a gel/cream formula in a pot. It is waterproof and sweat proof and goes on like a dream. But, if it is your first time filling in brows, try one Anastasia’s brow powders. It will go on much softer and is a little more fool-proof. For eyes, a simple sweep of metallics on a primed lid is the way to go. Check out NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer in Nude or Almond, or Kevin Aucoin Loose Shimmer Shadow in Citrine. Apply a couple coats of your favorite mascara, and comb them to minimize clumps. You want to look bright eyed and bushy tailed not spider eyed and scary! I love a natural flush on the cheek, especially this time of year. To keep that healthy glow, try using one of Tarte’s cheek stains instead of a powder blush. Finish off your look with a punchy, juicy pout by using something bright and glossy on the lips. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a lip stain from Yves Saint Laurent. They are FLAWLESS and have plenty of options to fit your Spring wardrobe. I also swear by Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, they feel great on the lips. 
“There you have it… KEEP IT SIMPLE! If you are ever in need of a tutorial, makeup for a special event, or just a new set of eyes to help you switch up your routine, feel free to reach out to me through the Luxed Agency, . In the meantime, enjoy this long overdue, lovely weather! Remember, Spring is the perfect time to try something NEW. Go ahead, pick up that coral lipstick… I dare you (to be awesome)”.
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Kansas City Fashion Week part 2

Unfortunately Anenglishmaninwestport wasn’t able to get a press pass for the event (note to PR peoples, replying to requests is normally a good idea). This means that our report will be delayed as we’re having to source information and images from other areas.


Many apologies for the inconvenience. 

Kansas City Fashion Week 2014

Kansas City Fashion Week this year is running from Friday March 14th to Sunday March 16th inclusive.

This year it kicks off at Standard Style on the Country Club Plaza from 6 to 9. March 14th features a trunk show where you can meet and greet some of the designers at AIA Office Event Space 1801 McGee, Suite 100.

There are three runway shows, all based at Grand Union station, two on the 15th (one afternoon and one evening) and one on the afternoon of the 16th. The list of designers showing is:



Oblivion Clothing Design

Elle Inspired

Little Shell Design

Andrea Marie Long Designs

American Prep Clothing Co.

Sarah Kahrs

Ola Style

SATURDAY NIGHT (Doors 6:30pm)

Kate Walz 

LB by Lauren Bander 


Koko Clemence 


House of Cochon

Laura Kathleen

SUNDAY (doors at 1pm)

Sophie Hines

LB Glam

Heidi Herrman

Kimberly Ann

Zohreh Zarrabi

Anenglishmaninwestport is hoping to cover as much of the event as possible and try and give you some sneak peeks of what the KC’s areas brightest and best have in store for the 2014 season.

For those who are interested, and for ticket information, please click here 

For those who are neophytes to KC Fashion Week, or who are just interested in what goes on, here’s a video from KC Fashion Week 2013 made by the very talented Ivy Boyd. And I recommend you read her blog.

Hopefully we shall see you all there. Chin, chin!

The Oscars 2014

We-ell, wasn’t that an anticlimax? Almost everything about the Oscars this year – apart from the gift bags – seemed to be far more conservative this year; even with, seemingly, the same films being nominated for ALL the Oscars. 


Perhaps it’s a sign of the time that celebrity stylists are being called out as actually being friends of the celebs who think they know something about fashion, or whether design houses have got wise to the idea of not wanting to be trashed in front of audiences of hundreds of millions for providing daring garments, but this year’s Oscars can be summed up in one word: pale. Or maybe lacklustre. It’s a sad day for fashion when the awards show is more entertaining than the red carpet and while there were no frock horrors seen on the red carpet, there was also a distinct lack of wow factor. 



Cate Blanchett’s Armani Prive dresss kind of summed up the event, pale but stylish. At least her dress matched her skin tones and her accessorization was flawless.


Lupita Nyong’o did look transcendent in pale blue, her Prada dress contrasting beautifully with her amazing ebony skin. Some people complained that the plunging neckline and her lack of bust made her look unfeminine; we think that strong rather than feminine was the correct look for someone from 12 Years A Slave and we salute you. A definite star on the rise.


Amy Adams broke it on down with Pharrell Williams when he sang Happy, but she also looked impeccable in her blue Gucci gown, the turn down and faux-peplum suited her well, and pulling her hair up and back gave her a youthful appearance. 


Kate Hudson probably came the closest to traditional Hollywood glamour in her atelier Versace gown. Maybe the cape was too much, maybe not – capes have been making a strong showing at the Oscars in recent years. Irrespective, Kate brought some old school style to an otherwise surprisingly drab Oscars.


Special mention must go to Jennifer Lawrence who, aside from making a career from falling over, can do no wrong and has won the hearts of probably every person ever in the history of ever with her awkward geekiness and general loveability. We can’t praise her too highly.



Much like Anne Hathaway, opinion is out on Anna Kendrick’s dress but, for us, it looked like a mishmash of three different gowns. Frankendress, perhaps. It was also completely overshadowed by her clutch, which was amazing.


Emma Watson, does your mother know you go out wearing her dresses? Go home and change. Now. You look like a Brillo pad. Even the hair looked unfinished; very upsetting.


But who were the real scene stealers at the 2014 Oscars? Well whilst most people would say it had to be Gravity with its 7 Awards (and congratulations to Framestore), the true winner at the Oscar this year was none other than…   Samsung with its grotesquely effective product placement and breaking of the internet. And, obviously, a big shout out to Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria for becoming, overnight, the celebrity pizza store of choice. Both these companies owe Ellen Degeneris a ridiculous amount of money for the advertising.

I’d like a Hawaiian with my Galaxy Note, please and thank you.