Focus On: Make up tips 2

We’re lucky to have Ash back for a third time. This tutorial is all about how to perfectly create that staple, the red lip using just three products: first up, the 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil from our personal favorite make up brand, Urban Decay. Secondly we have a Brick Lip Pencil from MAC and finally MAC’s Ruby Woo Lipstick. Sit back and enjoy, Ash knows her stuff.



Focus on: Nail care

Today we get to talk with Serena Huynh, one of the nail technicians at family owned Paradise Nails on State Line Road in Leawood, who has kindly agreed to share some important nail care tips with Anenglishmaninwestport.

“I am passionate about the science of skincare so I personally only work with natural nails. Here are my tips that you may have not read elsewhere: our nails are made of the same stuff as our hair; keratin. It’s dead so it doesn’t “breathe”, and like hair, it needs a good conditioner. I love Nailtek’s brand. They’re known for their hydration system which replenishes the natural moisture content of brittle nails which makes them more elastic and resistant to damage. Plus it gives better bang for your buck compared to your regular drugstore stuff. 


When asked to wash your hands prior to polishing, I always advise my clients to only brush their nails and cuticles with soap and a nail brush and rinse. The cleaner, the drier, the better. They can keep their lotion on. Store your lacquers in the fridge, especially in the summer time. The worst place is your probably your bathroom because the temperature and humidity is constantly changing which can cause the formulation to change, potentially making it go gooey or lumpy. 

“Invest in a good base coat and top coat as this helps the polish adhere and is fortified with protein and Vitamin E for healthier nails. At Paradise Nails, we only use CND’s Sticky Base Coat and Seche regular Top Coat. Vinylux by CND is the biggest hit right now. It’s by Creative Nail Design, the same company as Shellac. It’s the inbetween of regular nail polish and gel nails. It lasts a good 7 days. My nurse clients love them.


“And finally I cannot stress this enough: sunscreen,  sunscreen,  sunscreen! It’s the best thing to keep your hands looking youthful and prevents age spots”.


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