Super summer swimwear

So it seems that summer is, finally, here to stay for a bit we decided to search out some bikinis so that we can all take advantage of the weather. Curiously, in terms of selection, the best swimwear store we found is actually mainly a tanning shop – Sun City – which has been nestled on N Oak Trafficway since 2000.

One thing to bear in mind is that their website is probably the worst ever in terms of usefulness or usability, so a visit to their bricks and mortar store is very much recommended where they stock 5,000 – yes you read that right – swimsuits! Quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality, however, but the best thing about Sun City is the staff. They will help you choose the correct size for both top and bottom, work out the amount of coverage you want (which runs from the god awful thongkinis which should never have been allowed out of the 80s, up to full coverage swimsuits and coveralls), and then show you styles based on those criteria

Our models decided to go middle of the road, both in terms of coverage and price choosing a leopard print by Body Glove and teal and black abstract number made by Sunsets Separates.


(Models Erin & Anna)

Prices came in at around $95 each which isn’t particularly cheap (and also far from being the most expensive) but Sun City has a range that should suit anybody’s wallet – or, more likely – purse, and you’ll definitely find something that reflects your bikini body and sensibilities more accurately than whatever may happen to currently be on the sale rack at Target.


[816] 468 1515

8233 N Oak Trafficway, 64118

Open daily from 9:30 to 5:30pm


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