Act II Inc.


Finding high end clothing in Kansas City can be tough, in fact aside from Halls and Nordstrom you pretty much have to go out of town. However, for those that don’t mind buying into second hand/lightly used/end of line clothing, then consignment shopping is for you. And the absolute best consignment shop in Kansas City is Act II. Owned by the inimitable Gloria Everhart for over 50 years, Act II is tucked away in the West Plaza and is a treasure trove for the clothing collector. Unlike most ‘second hand’ shops or places like Arizona Trading Company which concentrates more on street fashion, you can find top designers at Act II. I myself have bought items by Zegna, Boss, Armani, Dior, Oscar de la Renta and Gucci. The best thing for me is that I’m an awkward size, and yet they still regularly manage to have things in my size that are also my aesthetic. Which is rare enough in department stores, let alone consignment shops.

It isn’t all designer labels though, you’ll find streetwear there as well, and it’s particularly pleasing to see labels like Hudson and 7 For All Mankind on the racks, as they really do make good jeans. Gloria has made a conscious effort to keep her clothing standards high and it has paid off for her.


As with all consignment shops, it pays to have a rummage and you will have to wade through much which doesn’t appeal to you to find that which does but, personally, that’s one of the joys of consignment shopping for me. Especially when you find, say, a pair of Oscar de la Renta pants for $7. Yep, $7. And there’s the rub, after doing some quantum math, I’ve worked out that I’ve spent maybe $300 for around $8,000 of clothes at new prices. And never more than $60 on any one item.




However, there’s a reason for the keen pricing and that is that, after more than 50 years, Gloria is finally retiring and Act II will be closing down. On August 31st 2016. Nor is the lease going to be renewed so once it closes, it closes. Personally I think it’s a terrible shame, but all things do pass and I wish Gloria nothing but the best in her future endeavors. The big plus for us shoppers, obviously, is the clearance sale price which means currently 50% to 65% of everything in store which is already keenly priced. I mean a Gucci suit for under $28 including tax? I couldn’t possibly say no.

In the imagery I’ve concentrated on the men’s section, but it’s probably 70% womenswear and there’s quite a selection of shoes – Manolo’s anyone – bags and jewelry there. So if you feel in need of picking up something special at rock bottom prices please, please, please get there before the end of August because then everything will be gone. Forever. And you will be kicking yourself for missing it.

CALL:[816] 531 7572

LOCATION: 1417 West 47th Street 64112

HOURS: 10 to 5:30 Tuesday to Saturday




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