Named from a song by Sting about the late and great Quentin Crisp An Englishman In Westport is a blog dedicated to fashion and beauty either available or created in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. It’s long been said that the midwest (Chicago aside) is a black hole for fashion. I do not believe this to be the case and so this blog will showcase what is available in KC – from established stores, boutiques and individual designers and, hopefully, bring some recognition to the fly over states.

(KC Skyline photograph courtesy of Randy Pace)

About the author:

The Englishman in Westport has been a journalist since 2001 and a photographer since 2004, having his work appear in dozens of magazines and newspapers worldwide including Cosmopolitan, New Woman, FHM, People and The Mail. He has also worked as a VFX photographer on several movies, including the Oscar winning Wolf Man. He moved from the hustle and bustle of London to the far more relaxed (and warm) climes of Kansas City in July 2012 with his wife and two cats. His alter ego works in television post production, covering over 3,000 programs in a long career including Britain’s Next Top Model, Dispatches, Masterchef, Neverwhere, Million Pound Drop, Around the world in 80 Days with Michael Palin and Archer.

If anyone wants to get in touch, please use this contact form below. Any and all relevant commentary is most welcome. Or, alternatively, just use the reply buttons on the individual posts. Thank you and enjoy.


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